KAROO umm.... *fidgets with mug of magical world tea* (the tea is hot, smells like fruit and has glittering particles floating in it)
FOXIN *sitting patiently* ....
KAROO im really sorry for hurting you so badly in the tournament the other day..
FOXIN .. oh the scratch? *he waves his paw* no no, it was fine. they healed it straight away after i graduated.
KAROO oh. thats good.. *tips mug back and forth watching the glitter swirl around in it*
FOXIN actually i wanted to talk to you about something-
KAROO looks up quick from mug* oh i can pay for the bill if you want? thats fine!
FOXIN ..oh, no no, that was free.. as a student at the magical guild they will usually cover any injury from training/studying...
KAROO oh.. i see
FOXIN no, what i meant, i mean, it really seemed to me like you have been around longer than i have and-
KAROO what!? really?? how long have you.. i mean, if its alright to ask?!
FOXIN *puzzled* well.. actually only a year.
KAROO did you.. get an account?? the registration system has been non-functional for years now!
FOXIN yes, well.. this is just a non player body... it took alot of bargaining to get it, but its mine now.. of course there are some compromises but its good enough
KAROO i mean.. so you graduated the magic guild in just one year?!
FOXIN hmm.. yes.. i mean.. *shrugs*
KAROO *stares intensely down at tea in mug* that is actually very impressive... you know..
FOXIN *cringes* well.. draig never mentioned anything like that
KAROO (she doesnt seem like she gives compliments very easily)
FOXIN anyway, i just, the whole reason for this.. see i got this key as a graduation reward, everyone who graduates any guild does, and somewhere theres a huge player database... its frustrating, i know for sure that it exists, and thats what this key is for, but i just cant find it.. theres no leads, ddraig always leaves before i can even mention it to her, and i-
KAROO !! do you mean- i mean i think that sounds familiar
FOXIN *surprised* really?! do you know where its located possibly!
KAROO i mean.. a long time ago, i remember.. i mean, just to look through it.. you know i used to be an apprentice to-
FOXIN sorry, you- youve been there!! youve seen it!?
KAROO well, yes.. i mean i have no idea how to use it but i have seen it..
FOXIN so !? do you know where it is?!
KAROO well it.. *swirls tea around* this was a long time ago... a really long time ago and it changes location occasionally.. my mentor told me..
FOXIN ..oh.. yes.. i mean youre right.. i forgot..
KAROO im not sure its not in the natural world any more though.. thats where it was when i went there.. but its been enough time for them to move it back there
FOXIN right.. yes i think thats logical.. they wouldnt move it to the same world too frequently would they..but if its been that long then..
KAROO you searched the magical world? i dont know this place that well.
FOXIN *big sigh* yes, for a couple of days i searched all over and its definitely not in this world.
KAROO i mean, the commercial world is huge.. it would be pretty bad luck if its..
FOXIN well i mean.. i had another thing to ask.. i just was thinking, it might be good if we paired up to search..see?
KAROO *bites lip* um.. i hate to decline but i have my own stuff to do, you know...
FOXIN yes but.. i cant really let you go, and repeat that terrible mess that happend after the tournament.. now that your hp will gradually decrease as you get further away i.. just seeing as youre my familiar no-

(skip) INTERMISSION (sorry)