*YAAAAWN*..... i knew id have that dream again at a time like this. My mentor.........

Thats right.. im doing this all for him. I know hes still here somewhere...

It used to feel so different then

i dont understand whats changed since i came back.............. Anyway, i have to find him. I have to break this stupid bond so that i can search properly. I dont know who foxin is after but it cant be more important than this..


TO FIND HIM ALL ID NEED IS..... THE KEY! IF I USE THE PLAYER DATABASE I... and foxin has had it this whole time..


GOD IM SO SUPER DENSE SOMETIMES! now i guess i have to hope that foxin *finds me*..*somehow*.. hah..

the primary goal is still to sever us though. I cant wait to get this stupid tugging feeling out of my heart its disgusting!